Agribition - Emily H Photography

Agribition 2017

Other than Farmfair International, Agribition forms the biggest hitter on my Canadian Fall Show Circuit. This is another show that's pretty hard to miss if you're travelling around this time. With some brand new barns the show kicked off smoothly and carried on this way throughout the week. 

The Fall Shows seem to run together very smoothly here. The people are just as welcoming, the cattle just as strong and the overall feel to the show just as positive. While taking photos, I was also working with a Simmental string - just to change it up a bit. This got me focussing on the showing in a little different way. More on the finer details rather than the big picture.

As always, thanks have to go out to all the breeders and fitters who wind up with me hanging around their strings while they're fitting; trying to keep out of the way of paint and stray blowers; and on plenty of occasions, copping odd looks and eye rolls while I wait around for the photo. It's been a blast! And I'll see you all next time! 

Behind the Backdrop

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